About US

Cos Mezeluri MarisanMaribo Prod Carn SRL, is a Romanian company, founded in 1994 by the Anghel family, whose main activity is the production and distribution of meat products. At present, 560 employees work in our company.

Initially, the production capacity of the company was 400 kg / day, and over time, thanks to sustained investments, both in machinery and in the professional development of employees, at present it has reached a daily production of about 35 tons / daily, with a variety of over 90 product types. Our company is focused on the quality of our products in order to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers, so that all our products contain at least 75-80% meat.
All original recipes are strictly respected, and the pork casing is of Romanian origin. Just so we can keep the highest standards of quality, freshness and authentic taste.
Being a company of category A (authorized for intra-community trade), our company exports products to Italy and Spain. We are also looking for a permanent development of the export division. Maribo Prod Carn SRL has implemented quality standards and is ISO 22000/2005 certified.

The Marisan Group has sought to develop a system in which production and sales are in a direct relationship, making it an asset to the company because it reflects a prompt feedback, which is mainly due to the distribution of about 90% of the production in their own shops. (about 160 stores, concentrated on the S and S-E side of the country).

To meet the buyer, our stores also include fresh products such as pork, chicken and beef, as well as cheese, olives, grocery products (including basics).

By earnestness and perseverance, our brand - MARISAN - has been imposed on the market, especially because we have always respected our slogan: Mezeluri Adevarate



Com. Frumusani, Sat. Orasti
jud. Calarasi, Romania

TEL: 0242.536.036

FAX: 0242.536.030

EMAIL: office@marisan.ro